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Learning for Life

Welcome to Belmont Junior School. 

We want children to learn well and to have fun while doing so at our school. We provide a very broad range of exciting experiences as they progress through our school, which captures their curiosity and fosters a love of learning about the world around us. We want children to leave our school with great memories that will last them a lifetime.

We know that children do best when they are supported at home and so we work very closely with our parents to ensure that our children can thrive during their time in our school and into the future. Our next-door neighbour is Belmont Infant School and so we work very closely with them to ensure that together we provide the best possible start to your children’s education.

In our school we have the highest expectations in terms of children’s work, their conduct around school, in their manners and their behaviour. Our children are happy to be at our school, make great progress and achieve well and we are proud that they leave our school well equipped for the next phase of their education.

Laurence Clarke