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Senior Leadership

Claire Piggott

Claire is the new Headteacher for our school. She has already been our Deputy for 7 years. Claire is very kind. If you have any problems, you can come to her and she'll sort it out. Claire is a fair and understanding person who will help the most she can. She will always be by your side, whatever is wrong. Incredibly, she can deal with almost every problem! She is enthusiastic and is a great example in everything she does. 


David Combe 
Deputy Headteacher

David is really kind and I like him as our Deputy Head.

David is the most kind teacher in the whole school.






Katherine Prodromou                         
Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion) & SENDCo/DSL

Katherine is very good at her job. She is usually typing, on the phone or talking to people. She is very kind and caring.




Lucy Braithwaite   
Assistant Headteacher (Maternity leave)

Lucy is a loving, kind and caring teacher. She loves English and Maths and makes everything fun! She is fair and honest and she always perseveres. She is an amazing teacher! She is the best teacher who has ever taught me.











Diksha Shah
Class Teacher & Assistant Head (Maternity cover)

Diksha is a hilarious, entertaining teacher who always has a huge smile on her face. Anyone in Belmont Junior School would be so fortunate to have her as their teacher. She encourages you to try your hardest and never give up. She makes learning so fun. 




Jasmine Jouhal     
Class Teacher

Jasmine teaches in Year 3. We are very grateful to have Jasmine as our teacher this year. She is artistic, imaginative and kind. Jasmine is always happy and puts a smile on our faces when we are sad. She teaches us with enthusiasm and shows respect to us. Jasmine is the best teacher you could wish for.  



Rowena MacIntosh 
Class Teacher 

Rowena is a funny and amazing teacher. She currently teaches in Year 4 and can turn a frown upside-down. She is kind and a bit of a jokester. We are so happy to have Rowena as our teacher.



Sarah Merryweather 
SEND Teacher 

She is one of the longest-serving members of staff at Belmont Junior School. Sarah is always, kind, patient and helpful. She loves reading us exciting stories and read us the new version of The Snowman in the run-up to Christmas. She is an amazing teacher! 



Ewan Lumsden         
PPA Teacher

Ewan teaches in all the classes and does PPA. Ewan is the joker (in a good way)! He is unique, happy, a very good singer and every now and then he likes to have 'wee joke' (he is not funny but don't tell him!) Ewan is a Scottish, very enthusiastic and talented teacher who is currently teaching my friends and I in Year 4. 



Lily Gee Marchant           
Class Teacher

 Lily is a very kind and caring teacher and helps us if we need it.

She teaches us everyday and we love her.     





Dawn Edwards
Class Teacher

Dawn is one of the most tremendous teachers in Belmont Junior School. She is very kind and thoughtful. Also, Dawn always tries to make everything fair. Sometimes she makes us giggle and she persuades us to use a growth mindset when things are difficult. We appreciate her, she is great. 



Fatima Mirza
PPA Teacher (MFL specialist)

 Entering her 14th year at Belmont, teachers don't get more enthusiastic than Fatima. She teaches with immense character and enthuses pupils with their topics instinctively. She always encourages students to do their best, and is a positive, vibrant figure in the Belmont community. 




Becki Crossley   
Class Teacher

 Becki is helpful and kind. She is the best teacher ever and she is very lovely. 






Thea Augustidis 
Class Teacher

 Thea is an amazing teacher and is very very kind. She makes learning fun and helps in the class. Thea is the best teacher I've had in all my life.






Mia Warman
Class Teacher 

 Mia is a wonderful teacher. She is kind and gentle and everyone loves her.





Support Staff

Gala Alexander                      
Admin Assistant



Lakis Panteli

Lakis is so helpful and kind. The school would not be the same without him. If we're sad we come to him and he'll cheer us up. When he's around we're all happy. He is our coach for our school teams and takes us to all our tournaments. He is AMAZING! 




Vjollca Kulla     
HLTA/Welfare Officer

 Vjollca is a kind, caring and considerate person who is always there when you need her. She is a brilliant teacer and always explains everything very clearly. She makes work fun and exciting and we love being taught by her. Vjollca is very funny but firm and always pushes us to our limits.






Judith Goodwin   

Judith is a kind and helpful person and is always there to give a helping hand. She is a great teacher and is also very good at medical if someone is hurt. She can always help you when you need it. She spreads generosity of spirit to everyone.




Jackie Gunning
LSA/After School Club

 Jackie is precious, intelligent and helpful. She is always there when you need her. She is energetic and inspirational and always smiles and laughs which brings a great atmosphere to the world. (by Modupe)




Camille Benazzou

 Camille is currently the LSA in 6F. She is super kind and loving. She is a jolly figure in Belmont and is greatly admired by the pupils and teachers. Belmont Junior School would be a different place without her. Thank you Camille. (by Lorna)




Pat Edwards   

Pat is a kind, friendly LSA. She is always there when we need her. She knows how to comfort us when we're blue. She never gets angry when we're sharing our problems and she always lends us a smile. (by Noa)




Helen Panteli   

Helen is such a helpful, generous and heart-warming person to be with. She takes care of people from the bottom of her heart. The school wouldn't be the same without her. Helen is so caring, even when it comes to difficult situations. Whenever you see her, she has never, ever not smiled back at us. She makes the school a happy place. (by Charlotte)




Lunchtime staff

Alexandra So


Mehwish Ismail

Sarah Dempsey 

After School/Breakfast Club Staff

Maureen McElligott
Breakfast and After-School Club Manager

Katriye Mehmet
Breakfast and After-School Club

Premises Staff 

Paul Schembri
Site Manager

Josue Dimba
Assistant Site Manager

Geoffrey Taylor

Assistant Site Manager

Comfort Boampong

Sau Ping Chow